Czech championship in mountain orienteering

Czech championship in mountain orienteering was held from November 4th to November 5th 2017. The event center was situated in Všemina (eastern Moravia), the race area covered Vizovické and Hostýnské Highlands.

The competition is traditionally split to two parts (one part is held on Saturday and one part on Sunday), each with a time limit. This once the limit was 6h30 for both days. On Saturday, the competitors had to overcome all control points in FREE ORDER what is exceptional for this event. On Sunday control points were in fixed order.

Race map was scaled 1:40 000 and the weather was really enjoyable this time; sunny with reasonable temperatures on both days.

Final results are available at the organizerʾs website


Saturday map with team routes (if drawn or uploaded) is available on Sunday map



Next national rogaining event in the Czech republic will be a 2 laps race named Brutus extreme orienteering, on the weekend of March 17th-18th (6h rogaining on Saturday, 5h rogaining on Sunday) with event centre in Holany in the Kokořínsko rocky area.

Rogaining back in the area of the WRC 2012

For the 21st Czech Rogaining Championships organizers utilized the Czech part of the World Champs 2012 area together with some newly mapped forest on the map edges (scale of the map 1:40 000, Pretex water proof material).


Rogainers from Czech Republic, Germany and Estonia were invited to the event center around a nice pond in Šindelová village, only few kilometers from the WRC center in Přebuz. 127 people successfully survived 24-hour race, 14 competed in 12-hour and 34 in 6-hour event.


This year champions are Ondřej Skripnik and Radovan Čech in MO, Petr Dvořák and Lenka Mechlová in XO, and Jana Kožinová with daughter Zuzana in WO.


Full results you can find on the website:


photogallery as well:


Pavla Přívozníková,

IRF Correspondent,

Czech Republic

10th. Latvian Rogaining Championship

The 10th Latvian Rogaining Championship was held in Ranka, Gulbene municipality, it is about 150 km from Riga, Latvia capital city. Total of 162 teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuanian took a part in 24h and 6h rogaine held on July 18-19, 2015.

The start was given near Ranka elementary school built in 1887. 76 checkpoints with total value of 500 were placed on course.

Best team in 24 hour race “ISOSTAR” (Men class - Jānis Krūmiņš and Alberts Jasāns) collected 397 points (59 CPs) in 23h 33min 54sec.  

Full results as well as team route maps are available by clicking on results link.

Competition map.

Links to photos: Māris Stabiņš, Raimonds, Sandra, Sandra Lapiņa.

Next rogaine events in Latvia are 4 and 8 hour race Tautas Rogaining on September 27, 2015, and JelgavasRogaining – 6 and 3 hour event on Oktober 17 in Jelgava city. More information about rogaine in Latvia available on site



Czech National Rogaining Championship

The Czech Rogaining Championship was held from July 2nd to July 3rd 2016 in the Orlické mountains. The event centre containing the hash house was situated in Orlické Záhoří, small villlage on the Czech-Polish border.

Total number of rogainers in 24, 12 and 6h categories was 133 split to 65 teams. 125 participants were from the Czech Republic, 4 from Poland and 4 from Germany.

On the race map in scale of 1:50 000 and coloured in traditional hiker’s scheme there had been prepared 69 control points and it was possible to reach up to 4160 points. The best team in the 24-MO category gathered 2850 points.

All results are present on the organizerʼs website:

The event map with team routes (if drawn or uploaded) is available at

And photos

The race was well organised and the hash house situated approximately in the middle of control points offered a very good refreshment to the competitors (e.g. local Czech beer included), so the weatherʼs caprices could have been surmounted with a smile. Fortunately nobody was injured during the race.


Pavla Privoznikova

Czech-German cross-border skirogaining

On Sunday, 1 March 2015 the 5th cross border skirogaining was held in Klíny, Ore Mountains, Czech Republic.
17 Czech teams and 3 German, 42 skirogainers (from 14 newcomers 5 were younger than 18) took part in the 6 hour competition.
Weather and snow conditions were excellent, therefore two teams cleaned up the map by visiting all check points.
Event website:
Event map and routes:
Jan Tojnar

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