Rogaining back in the area of the WRC 2012

For the 21st Czech Rogaining Championships organizers utilized the Czech part of the World Champs 2012 area together with some newly mapped forest on the map edges (scale of the map 1:40 000, Pretex water proof material).


Rogainers from Czech Republic, Germany and Estonia were invited to the event center around a nice pond in Šindelová village, only few kilometers from the WRC center in Přebuz. 127 people successfully survived 24-hour race, 14 competed in 12-hour and 34 in 6-hour event.


This year champions are Ondřej Skripnik and Radovan Čech in MO, Petr Dvořák and Lenka Mechlová in XO, and Jana Kožinová with daughter Zuzana in WO.


Full results you can find on the website:


photogallery as well:


Pavla Přívozníková,

IRF Correspondent,

Czech Republic

2018 European Rogaining Championships

The 2018 European Rogaining Championships, which will be held 25-26 August 2018 in south-western part of Ukraine, in Carpathy hills. The event website is
The area of competitions (about 180 km²) is located in the west part of the Chernivtsi region, mainly on the territory of Vyzhnytsya National Park. The event center of the 15th ERC2018 is in a town Berehomet, which is approximately 630 km far from Kiev, about 60 km from Chernivtsi, and 260 km from the Lviv.

The area of competitions will be interesting for fans of extreme sports. There are small mountains with elevations of up to 400 m, a lot of small rivers and streams, and a picturesque hilly terrain with separate settlements. Planning and navigating skills will be important for athletes on the way to success!

August in the Vyzhnytsya National Park is a moderate, warm summer month with an average temperature of 20–25 °C in the daytime and 8–17 °C at night.

Those of you who want to enjoy rogaining and local attractions as well can get unforgettable emotions by visiting Chernivtsi city, or small beautiful towns and villages of the region, as well as other interesting places in the Carpathians with their stunning nature.

We invite you to visit Bukovyna this summer and take part in exciting rogaining competitions!
The early bird registration will last until 31 March 2018.

15th World Rogaining Championships 2017 - Latvia

Here is a brief look at the recently held and inovative 15th World Rogaining Championships Latvia.

The top ten places were dominated as is usual for WRC's by Open Mens teams, though not unusually two of the top ten teams were Open Mixed teams. Interestingly for a WRC there was only one veteran team in top ten on this occassion. The winners of all three Open events won by clear margins. Interestingly Latvian teams took the first three Open Men and therefor outright places.

1 LAT 673 Straightforward Janis Krumins / Andris Ansabergs 427   23:46:02 1stMO:1          
2 LAT 609 Laid mums tur laimē diet Zigmunds Bībers / Andris Ronimoiss 392   23:43:36 2ndMO:2          
3 LAT 614 LOKO Jānis Ansabergs / Kristaps Jaudzems 389   23:49:01 3rdMO:3          
4 EST 621 MÜRSK Siim Klais / Märt Roosaare 385   23:48:11 MO:4          
5 NZL 1079 Georgia and Greig Georgia Whitla / Greig Hamilton 382   23:41:39 1stXO:1          
6 EST 669 Õnnevalem Sander Mirme / Ain Fjodorov 374   23:48:44 MO:5          
7 CZE 646 Inov-8 Ondrej Skripnik / Radovan Čech 369   23:46:25 MO:6          
8 RUS 1042 Swamp children Anna Korobko / Sergey Miroshkin / Dmitry Shemyatikhin 362   23:47:57 2ndXO:2          
9 RUS 1262 OMEGA Sergey Yashchenko / Oleg Kalinin 358   23:52:02 MO:7 1stMV:1        
10 RUS 709 Damned by Wives - NN rogaining Semyon Yakimov / Andrey Efimov / Konstantin Solovyev 353   23:28:03 MO:8


12 RUS 1415 SPLAV Nina Mikheeva / Marina Galkina 350   23:50:07 1stWO:1 1stWV:1
17 LAT 1007 Surikati Pēteris Grīviņš / Ieva Upmace 339   23:51:41 3rdXO:3
27 LAT 807 Ozons Māra Leitāne / Aiva Jakovela 322   23:34:52 2ndWO:2
34 RUS 830 Arena dream team Anna Burlinova / Maria Plyashechko 316   23:47:55 3rdWO:3

Visit the event web site for a comprehension overview of the event.

Congratulations to the athletes and the organisers.



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